2016 Annual Meeting Wrap-up

~ Predicting Safety Performance ~

The NMSA 2016 Annual Meeting in Seattle was a tremendous success, thanks to Rob Dieda (SSA Terminals), who chaired an extraordinarily well attended and interesting Annual Meeting.

We wish to congratulate the 2016 “Person of the Year,” Mark Montgomery (Ports America Chesapeake), who concluded his two-year term as NMSA president.


Safety Contact

Glen Williams – Manager, Safety Systems, British Columbia Maritime Employers Association

Session 1:  Welcome to Seattle

Mark Knudsen – President, SSA Conventional

George Blomberg – Environmental Program Manager, Maritime Environmental and Sustainability Department, Port of Seattle

Session 2:  Tsunami Preparedness!

Eddie Bernard, Ph.D. – Tsunami Expert Consultant

Session 3:  Reactive, Proactive, and Predictive Analytics

Dione Lee – President, QSE Solutions

Session 4:  The Future of Rigging Safety – Synthetics

Kris Volpenhein – Director of Engineering, Samson Rope

Session 5:  Safety Landing the Deadliest Catch

CAPT Keith Colburn – from the TV Series Deadliest Catch

Session 6:  PPE & Safety

David Hull – National Accounts Manager, Red Wing Shoe Company

(Session 7: Business Meeting)

Session 8:  The Capability Engine:  Analyzing the Past to Protect the Future

George Haber, Ph.D. – Director, Global Instructional System Design, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Lawrence Short - Solutions Architect, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Session 9:  OSHA Training for the Private Sector

Eric Vigoren – Director, PNW OSHA Education Center, University of Washington

Rick Gleason – Lecturer, PNW OSHA Education Center, University of Washington

Session 10:  “Leading Edge Safety” Fall Arrest/Unguarded Edges

Rick Maurice – Sales Manager, 3M

Thank you again to our exhibitors for their continued support.

BTE Workforce Solutions

DuPont Sustainable Solutions


HIT-NOT Proximity Detection

PNW OSHA Education Center, U. of Washington

Red Wing Shoe Company

Taylor Machine Works

World Crane Services

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